The Golden Reticulum

For anyone that has been missing me blogging...its happening again at
The Golden Reticulum.
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I seem to have lost my Sigg bottle.

The person designing/approving the rest of the bottle designs needs some help. Most of them seem horribly dated.

Font vs Font

I love when big institutions give someone savvy creative control. I'm a total dork for fonts and I want good-looking typefaces EVERYWHERE.

Here is a clever article from the AIGA website about font facelifts.

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Despite my enthusiasm for a well designed typeface, it's important to keep some perspective and a sense of humor.

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Also, THE FUTURE of Web Typography.


The Mounted Life

RIP Scales


From the Pumpkin Patch

dedicated to Kevin Taylor.


K.Cut = The Mother Wolf.

Teach Me Everything.


For some reason I had never heard any Vampire Weekend before last weekend. I had heard the name, just not the music. Then Kevin Taylor made we watch this video and I'm kind of in love with it.

#1 Celebrity Crush: TITUS WELLIVER

as "the Black Smoke" in L O S T.

as Silas Adams in Deadwood.


While searching for a more efficient way to convert from CMYK to PMS colors I stumbled upon this guy's Web Dumb and can't get enough of it.

The color tools don't really do what I was looking for, but that isn't stopping me from playing with them all day.

Rhyming Colors!

And Superformulas!

I Can Not Stop.

Duncan's Day Out

A few days ago I went on a Manhattan adventure with Duncan, Brooklyn resident of one week, as my tour guide.

We ended up at the Outsider Art Fair in Midtown.

I didn't really know what Outsider Art was when we walked in but I was quickly convinced.



I spent a few hours the other night watching videos of Feist performances on YouTube. I am entranced by her voice, it sounds like my favorite old blanket. And how it is hauntingly identical to the recordings.


I have been waking up with intense cravings for orange juice.
I know it is more of an orange drink than orange juice, but Who Cares?!
Trop Fiddy is my favie.

PS Can You Make Them All Look Like This?

Hill Country Sunset.
I took these last week somewhere between Salado and Jarrell.

V.Day is Going Rule IF Someone Makes Me This


When Hammer Hits Stone

I've been going to see RTB2 play a lot the last few months and I have become OBSESSED with the song When Hammer Hits Stone.


I've been getting into playing my clarinet lately. I really want to get my chops up so I can play long enough for a rehersal.

Alisa and I are going to start working on some duets soon. If anyone else wants to get in on this just let me know.

---insert hilarious picture of me playing clarinet 10 years ago---

Clarinet Solo for you aural enjoyment.

In my search for a community band to play with I came across this little gem.

"The Oak Lawn Band
dedicates itself to serving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allies (LGBTA) community and its causes as well as other communities within Texas and the United States."
I find the idea of this interesting and curious in an appropriateness/necessity way, but in my extreme eschewal to any political discussion I don't care to discuss or think of it further.


If you think you are my friend and you don't love this band, then you are mistaken.

Well, maybe not. But you are either missing out or a total tool.

Dinner with the Fam.

Any of my friends who has had the pleasure of dining with my family has invariably been called an "idiot" or referred to as a "pinhead" by Brent - lovingly of course.
This video just gets me tickled with the image of Riley coming to dinner at the house...

Let's just say I'm pretty sure there would be two holes in the window where each of those boys had been drop-kicked out of the neighborhood.

Yellow Brick Road

I want this to be the first thing I see when I wake up tomorrow.

(from nick owen's flickr.)

I have finally found myself back on the yellow brick road.

D8 Me Don't H8 Me.

1. New Millionare Matchmaker starts next Tuesday.

2. Patti Stanger is a 3rd Generation Matchmaker with a 99% Success Rate. You can't argue with those numbers.
3. Can she come and real talk all of my dude friends so they can stop being pussies about girls and dating.
I am officially a First Generation Matchmaker with a 76% Success Rate.
Testimonials coming soon...

Most Ridiculous People I Have Seen on TV

While searching for an image of Matt Preston I found this Amazing video. I think it sums up my feelings immaculately.

But what is missing from that video can be found in this one. Watch. Learn.

Note - 8:20 "The Kebob on The Chest"

- ENZO -

Spencer has finally met his match with Enzo, who is the next generation's Junior.


In real life this guy might be less ridiculous and more sad, but his clips on TV were pure comedy.

What Else Am I Watching?

The end of Season One left me feeling a little dissatisfied. So many of the ingredients are there and the show is good, but it feels like a I'm eating a pizza before its been baked. There is a lot of potential here and I have to keep reminding myself that the mania of Buffy doesn't come from watching the first season alone, it is Whedon's ability to create and maintain such a complete landscape and developed story that I have to have faith he has a plan and will be able to execute it.
Season Two is keeping the momentum on the incline, I just can't wait for it pass the threshold..
VERDICT: Watch, but Be Patient

Um, this show is ridiculous. I only watched one episode and I can't really tell if I am amazed or disgusted with it. It is basically The Hills except with dudes selling real estate instead of girls getting catty.
VERDICT: Steer Clear if you have weak stomach.

What Am I Watching?

I know everyone wants to know what I've been watching on TV lately.
Here is a quick recap of my latest obsessions with the most amazing invention ever.

Though Flash Forward has got some key players and laid some interesting and significant plot points down, I can't help but wish they wouldn't bring actors from such an analogous show as Lost, which is still running, even if those characters are gone. I want the show to have its own identity, which it does, I just don't think this helps.
VERDICT #1: Curious but not in Love
VERDICT #2: Where is my Lost countdown clock?

Greek is Good.
This is the kind of show I want to be on when I get home from school (or work) instead of Everybody Loves Raymond reruns or Two and a Half Men (GAG). It is episodic and simple enough that you can miss a few episodes or just jump in the middle and still enjoy, but also carries enough of a story arc to be rewarding.
VERDICT: Don't stay up all night to finish the season, but DO put it on while you are piddling around.


Since I love reading aloud and the Texas School For the Blind has an insane training program before they'll let you record books for them, I've taken it upon myself to start my own audio book recordings.
Here is my first attempt.
I'm a little be nice.


X.Mas List 2K9: Item #2

The pocket knife I've had on my keys for probably the last ten years finally broke this summer.
I think either of these will make a nice replacement.

X.Mas List 2K9: Item #1

I Think I'm In Love

So I've got cable now.
For the first time in ten years.
And I've been stuck in bed with a deathly cold = Lots of TV Time.
I think I'm in love with the Science Channel.
So informational.
So interesting.
I'm kind of afraid I'm never going to be able to stop watching the television.

Also I can't get over how clever their logo is.
I just want to pinch its cheeks.

Give Up The Ghost (O B S E S S E D)

I know that you know that I love Brandi Carlile, but do you know how excited I am about her new album?
1. This cover is Bomb.
2. Musically, it finally realizes what she has always been capable of and what I always wanted from her.
3. Please come to Texas right now.

Mom Buy Me This For Christmas

Art Healer

Genius Video.

Genius Book.

Genius Girl.

Crime Watch

Somethin Goin On In The Neighborhood.