How I Am Going To Get Out of Work Early.

I usually (when I want to get out of school) put water with carrots,chewed up choclate or something that can be made into a paste,curry or mustard powder,anything you have eaten that day (chewed up) and mix it all together...but if you have got stuff like milk and cream (anything dairy produced)
on you then use that aswell WARNING: this dose not taste good so dont try and put it in your mouth unless you really want to vomit.

* 3 months ago
my dad told me if i wanted to fake sick to keep from going to school pour a can of vegetable soup in the toilet and say i threw up.

* 3 months ago
ok ... I've read a lot of the other answers and one thing is VERY important .. you need to add something that is in little orange chunks...

a REAL vomit has these in it and they aren't carrots like most people might think that they are.. what they are a globs of fat that your stomach has processed and for some reason they come out orange when you vomit

Making a simulant is a form of chemistry, right? Here are instructions for making your own edible fake barf. Ick!
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: A Few Hours
Here's How:

1. Heat 1/4 cup of applesauce in the frying pan over low to medium heat.
2. Stir in 1 packet of unflavored gelatin.
3. Add a pinch or two of cocoa powder. Mix thoroughly and remove from heat.
4. Sprinkle oatmeal over the mixture into an aesthetically-pleasing chunky pattern. You can stir it in a bit, but don't mix too much.
5. Repeat the oatmeal procedure with some raisin bran cereal.
6. Spread the barf mixture onto a plate so that it resembles vomit, adding extra raisins or cereal bits, as desired.
7. Allow the barf to cool completely (couple of hours). Remove it from the plate with a spatula.
8. Have fun!


1. You may wish to spray your plate with nonstick cooking spray to keep the vomit from sticking.
2. Adult supervision is recommended.
3. Please let me know if you come up with alterations to this recipe that make it even more realistic.

What You Need:

* 1 pkg unflavored gelatin
* applesauce
* powdered cocoa
* oatmeal
* raisin bran cereal
* frying pan
* kitchen utensils

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