Mom Buy Me This

US Sz 9

Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho

I think it is high time some of my wishes done got granted.


Just for old times' sake.

Texas is The Prettiest Place Ever

Texas Monthly has a feature on Wyman Meinzer this month and while flipping through the pages I was not surprised that I am continually surprised at how beautifully breathtaking our landscape can be.

Let's go camping next week.

Serious Likesies

Geoffrey Gorman

The Hugest Poop Ever

Liu Wei

Spanning two meters, it’s a man-sized statement of rejection.

And For Today

I am Discovering!

Things about my brain.

And new music for my ears.

X-mas Prez

Don't be surprised if you get one of these for Christmas this year.

Is It Too Early For This?

Because all I want to do is nosh on these little guys all morning.

Hello Porter!

I do declare that I think I love every little thing about every little one of these pictures.

All I want Today is Vast and Expansive.

Fish Flops - Must Have

Too bad I hate flip flops, because I love these.
I would probably still like a pair, just to put at the door and pretend like I wear them.

Why Do My Eyes Hurt?

Mom Buy Me This

How CUTE is This Font?!

X-maz Cards

So I'm thinking about making some homemade Christmas cards this year and I was searching around looking for other cards and this one made me make a funny.

Vote For Change?

So do you think two posts in a week is too many times to post about Pearl Jam? Because it is just a coincidence...chill.
Last night I went to see the Pearl Jam: Vote For Change? screening at Jo's on South Congress. I was amazed at how well they were able to make 2004 look like 1997. Also it totally got me excited about the election today. Also Eddie Vedder still wears flannel...that is amazing.

Where Time Stops