John McClane: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker.

It amazes me that one can go through life missing such integral pieces of awesomeness without receiving constant flack.

I blame my friends, I blame myself, I blame my family...but most importantly I have righted this ungodly error and lay witness to the factual mind-blowing of Die Hard.

I am going to print out a copy of this autographed picture of Hans Gruber and sleep with it on my pillow on Christmas Eve and pray that Mr Santa gets my wish.

Close Your Eyes If You Don't Like Gross

But this is what real gas looks like in your intestines.
(where the arrows are pointing)

Today I feel like my insides would die of gas poisoning if that was possible.
(it is painful)

Latest Obsession

I have been dying to make some little moss terrariums to sprinkle around the house. Hopefully I will go collect some specimens soon and let the moisture commence!

[and in a beaker!! For me this is heaven.]

Hello Cutest Thing Ever.

I want a little army of tiny dinosaurs.

Also, who has a laser cutter I can use to make my own tiny things?

Everyone is Invited!

Goal in Life

To watch someone put a whole chicken wing in their mouth.

And in seconds, pull out a perfectly clean bone.

If you can do this or you know someone who can, please contact me IMMEDIATELY.

Nature 4 Life!

Martin Amm




So I have been pretty obsessed with these pictures for weeks now. They make me feel like I am wearing magic-colored glasses and leave me wondering why I can't wear them all the time.

Magic Christmas List - Chapter 2

I'm way into anything anatomical and taxidermy. And maybe even pickled pets...



Magic Christmas List

by Juliane Eirich

I think I would like to start having more art around my house, instead of just my works in progress. So if you are my friend and you make something, give me one for Christmas and I will hang it up.

Snuggie and Soupie and Supernatural

All I wanna do...

Limb Racks

I love hanging things up on my walls that you hang more stuff up on. I want to put these everywhere.

What My Dreams Are Made Of

One For You, One For Me.

Plush Guts

Goal In Life

Become an amateur taxidermist.

Hubba Hubba

From Cursive

If you want to get me something sweet for Christmas, I will willingly love any of these.

Help! I've Lost All My Rulers

Rulers aren't tiny, why can't I find them. They are all missing. I don't understand what clever place I tucked them away to. But when I find them, they are going to be grounded.