Magazines For Brains

Remember When I Used To Be Fat?

Oh My!

[from Life Magazine]

I'd Color The Sky With You...I'd Let You Choose The Blue


Look, Someone Wrote a Book About Me!

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Mess is complete, in that it embraces all sorts of random elements. Mess tells a story: you can learn a lot about people from their detritus, whereas neat—well, neat is a closed book. Neat has no narrative and no personality.

"If a Cluttered Desk is a Sign of a Cluttered Mind, What's an Empty Desk a Sign Of?" -Albert Einstein

Goal In Life: Make a Living by Recycling.

From Susan Benarcik

Mom Buy Me This - Baby Hands Are Clean

From Plastic Foliage

Instead of having shell-shaped soaps or stars or something BOR-ing, when I have my own home I am going to fill the guest bathroom with little baby hand soaps.


Back in 1835, when Halley's Comet was overhead, same night those men died at the Alamo, they say Samuel Colt made a gun. A special gun. He made it for a hunter. A man like us, only on horseback. Story goes, he made thirteen bullets. This hunter used the gun a half dozen times before he disappeared, the gun along with him. [..] how Daniel got his hands on it. They say... they say this gun can kill anything.

– John Winchester, 1.20 Dead Man's Blood

I Want




So I never want to get a tattoo, right?

I think I might have just been proven WRONG.
Obvs not one on my whole arm like this one, but maybe just one of my ribs, or on the inside by my elbow of muscle...

You can hardly even see it in normal light!
I want. I want.

Too Tiny!

I think I know someone named Kyle Patrick O'Donnell that would probably love this.

I Think I Am Addicted

To the Lo-Carb Monsters

I don't care for any of the other flavors (esp. java - YUK!) just this one. And I also don't care for any other energy drink on the market. There is just something about this particular one that mingles with my taste buds just right. I can't have enough of them. I generally keep it under one a day and less than everyday. But even at that rate, this has to be bad for me right? I'm slowing growing concerned with this. Am I going to have to quit this strangely delicious habit?

I Think We're In Love Now

Though I have had my Blackberry since last March, it is only in recent weeks that I have fully embraced its beauty. It was a combination of cutting back gmail on the work comp and realizing that the media packages with AT&T offer unlimited usage. HELLO google mobile apps! Hello everything in MobileView.

I feel like I have a laptop computer in my pocket.

Also I was trying to call a vanity number this weekend and couldn't remember what numbers went with what letters and found myself reaching for an old cell phone in a desk drawer. How TINY this was in my hand!

We went from bulky classics:

To tiny:

Then back to big, but bigger:

Holding this tiny little number in my big fat hands...

I knew that I could never give up the comfort of my curvy full-bodied full-qwerty full-screen Blackberry. We are in Love.


Would my co-workers make fun of me if I plugged one of these into my computer?

Or one of theseeeee

Mostly I just love that the first way to search products here is by color.

Mind Mapping

If I had to draw a map of my mind, it would probably look like a game of chess. Only the pieces don't match and the rules change after every move. Nobody ever wins and I still don't know whose turn it is.

Love Recycling Plastic Bottles

"These are things I made from used PET bottles. all of them are useful or usable. bowls are for fruit or nuts; jewelry I (plan to) wear; lamp with jellyfish hangs over my table. photographs are taken by me unless no credit is given.
and yes I pierce the holes one by one, there is no tool to make them all at once."

Good Morning

Open call to anyone: find me one of these:

“The Mini Heart Electra Lamp is based on a realistic mold of the human heart. Unlit, the glass of the Heart Lamp is a beautiful blue, but turn it on and it gets pumpin’ in electric red…

BONUS Feature: Touch any part of the lamp and the electric currents will attract themselves to your finger like magic.”

I really like little bronze or gold-colored figurines...I wish I could find little organs like that. Have you ever seen one? Or know where I can find one?

Don't get me a real one of these:

But I would love a picture of one or one filled with fake guts!
(also carolyn would hate me if I wanted to put a realistic sculpture like this in the house!)

Round Trip

In case you didn't know, one of my favorite things in life is going to the airport.
Whether driving to pick someone up/drop them off or for my own traveling. There is just an air of excitement about it. If you ever need a ride to or from the airport (or train station) don't hesitate to call me. I can't stand when people have to pay for a shuttle or a taxi or wait for the bus...CALL ME, I will take you, it is my duty in life.

Wild Thangs

Perhaps I am behind the times, but I just heard about Spike Jones and Dave Eggers adapting and filming
Where The Wild Things Are.

This looks utterly Amazing.

Someone Make This

What I want is a reverse microwave. One that ices stuff instead of heating stuff. So if you put a bowl of water in there or a piece of raw meat it would freeze it instead of cooking it. Or if you put a beer in there it would cool it off in one minute.
Let me know when you get this done.

2008 The Year of The Rat - My Top 100 (in loose order)

I know you've all been waiting for it, so I made it this morning. I'm sure some things are missing and somethings should be in a different order....but this is what you get. Also, sorry, no powerpoint this year.

100. The Jonas Brothers
99. Twilight
98. MadeLoud
96. Misprint Magazine
95. Alisa and Jason
94. Guns N Roses New album – Free Dr. Pepper
93. Hackers
92. Ruby gets sprayed by a skunk
91. Miranda Lambert at the Travis County Rodeo
90. Heath Ledger’s Passing
89. Maura and Mike Nason fall in Love
88. The Return of Brian Simon Mineo and his muscles
87. Michael Phelps
86. Rocket Summer opening for Phantom Planet at Emo’s – being on the guest list and the tour bus
85. Anonymous love letters to Carolyn
84. Crashing Jed’s wedding with Mason
83. Beyonce – Single Ladies
82. Kristy and Andrew get engaged
81. Xander's Boner
80. Snarky Puppy and Oso Closo
79. Adam Schragin and Rhonda Dating
78. Santogold’s album cover
77. Schlitterbahn
76. Kevin Schneider and Paige Maguire – sooo cute
75. Starting the AIGA club at school
74. Human Milk at Everyone Knows Everyone
73. Jimmer’s birthday hotdog
72. Storie and I going to the Pharmacy School Scholarship dinner and reconnecting with some of Dad’s old chums
71. Will from Portland and his friend Mike
70. Rosa and Guilia and Rachel’s Texas Reunion – Guilia taking her shirt off at Rain and trying to bone Jimmer
69. Rat infestation of the Art Store
68. Drunk okcupid-ing with Rachel
67. Mrs. Bea’s during SXSW
66. Getting a Blackberry
65. Duncan becomes and slave to the Co-op
64. The disappointment of 90210
63. The Moose Lodge
62. Barflies – the Best Bar in Austin
61. Facebook outplays Myspace
60. My first internet date
59. Jimmer’s new look and his mom telling him he looked very handsome
58. Gossip Girl and Stylista
57. Rachel visits Mimi with me in Rockport – fishing and dive bars and speeding tickets
56. I get reading glasses!
55. Carolyn plays and tours with the Platelets
54. Campari
53. Joe Dobbz
52. P. Terry’s
51. The Credit Crisis and The Recession
50. Batman – The Dark Knight
49. Start rebuilding my relationship with Stacie
48. Natalie Elliot and Josh Jones move to Austin from Bama
47. Someone breaks up with her bf and sleeps with Yuval, Mike, and Riley
46. Flexitarians
45. Mandii names her cat Tardy (short for Retarted)
44. Monofonus Haunted Maze
43. Heidi and Hal are over for good
42. Prop 8 and it’s musical
41. Mandii moves back to Austin and then up to Portland
40. Caitlin living her dream and becoming a yoga teacher
39. Carolyn gets a new car and full time job
38. Learned how to use the right side of my brain
37. Doing the Master Cleanse with Caitlin
36. Carolyn’s Boob Surgery
35. Started drilling for gas on the Ranch
34. The beginning of the demise of Canopy at Trophys
33. Cinco De Mayo debauchery
32. Whiskey
31. Watching Die Hard for the first time
30. Chuck Bass
29. Lindsel and Noah fall in loooooove
28. Hurricane Ike
27. Sarah Palin
26. Typography
25. Rachel’s going away month celebration
24. Went back to school at the Art Institute
23. Nomad – our neighborhood bar
22. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama
21. Andrew’s return to Austin
20. Quarter Life Crisis and Summer of Hibernation
19. New job as a Graphic Designer at the Co-op
18. Google Groups
17. Watch all 5 seasons of the L word – am convinced I am a lezzie for at least a week
16. Catfish and Kirby are reunited
15. The Picketts
14. Joe is still not Gay and still manages Vulcan, but did quit smoking twice
13. Rat problem at the Connelly house – specifically finding a dead rat in my laundry and capturing 4-7 live rats in a week and disposing of them
12. Charles and Kayla get a Divorce
11. Carolyn-Charles-Caitlin love drama
10. Caitlin and Charles become Lovers
9. Moved in with Carolyn and out of the Connelly House
8. Rachel moves back to her Homeland
7. Toga Party and the Roman Baths and the Wine Fountain
6. Pillow Queens album and tour
5. Start blogging
3. Barak Obama
2. Recycling
1. Silkies Google Group – created Jan 21, 2008

Where is your Top 100 of 2k8???