I Think We're In Love Now

Though I have had my Blackberry since last March, it is only in recent weeks that I have fully embraced its beauty. It was a combination of cutting back gmail on the work comp and realizing that the media packages with AT&T offer unlimited usage. HELLO google mobile apps! Hello everything in MobileView.

I feel like I have a laptop computer in my pocket.

Also I was trying to call a vanity number this weekend and couldn't remember what numbers went with what letters and found myself reaching for an old cell phone in a desk drawer. How TINY this was in my hand!

We went from bulky classics:

To tiny:

Then back to big, but bigger:

Holding this tiny little number in my big fat hands...

I knew that I could never give up the comfort of my curvy full-bodied full-qwerty full-screen Blackberry. We are in Love.

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