Mount Redoubt Erupts!


I dusted this old record off the shelf yesterday to listen to and now I can't stop.
Everything about it is delicious.

Goal In Life

Visit every Historical Site Marker in Texas.

Belmont Hotel

So this weekend I went to a party at the Belmont Hotel in Dallas and I Lurved It!
Old Belmont:

New Belmont:

Cliff Cafe:

I wish I took better pictures of the room we were in...Twas Magnifique.
If you ever go stay in Bungalow 51. done.

Hello Tv Faves

1. My new fave Tv nerd:

Fran Kranz

2. My new fave Tv Nickname:

Cas - is it cool to abbrev an angel?

Lots of Pizzas

During my internet surfings today, I was reading a message about a bad experience with an online vendor, and "Long story short - I asked to cancel my order because I felt the purchase has been misrepresented, he told me it was just because I was stupid, and then before hanging up he threatened to purchase lots of pizzas with my credit card."

In 2027.

The old standby.

Running The Numbers

I am mesmerized by this project.

chris jordan.

Holy Crap Coolest Web Site

Science of Type


I often find myself pondering the impact that digital photography has on me/us.
Think about it.

Also these are some of my fave pics ever.
I want to always be taking pictures of everything/everyone.


I am obsessed with the new Michelob Ultra Slim Cans. Why don't more beers make their cans in different proportions? I hope they keep making these forever.


and the wheelers.

Fish Scales and Tendrils


also I love reading this blog about firefighting.


samantha hahn.


I decided to start drawing this weekend.

New Fave Paintings

roger borg.

These paintings remind me of the drawings I did this weekend (that i'm about to post).
And I Love Them.