Graduation Photography

So I am filling in as the graduation photographer at the Co-op for the next few weeks. Stop by my studio if you want me to take your picture!

Future Holding

tessar lo


Breaking The Rules

Everybody knows that Rule #7 is Don't Travel Back in Time.

Since TV isn't real, I guess it is okay. Between Lost and Heroes I can't keep track of the different time travel rules and I think it is annoying me.

Horse Hair

julian wolkenstein.

Goal In (Unemployed)Life:

Go To Sonic Happy Hour Every Day.

Brilliant Noise.

This just blew my mind.

read about it

Obsessed With Letterpress

If I had access to a letterpress I don't think I would ever use a printer again.

Especially if I had paper with gold edging.

Music Love

So I really love The Thermals

and this cd

and while we're at it I'm not ashamed to say that I really like old Saves The Day

I think both of these bands really get my blood pumping and put me in a good mood on a road trip.

Giant Snails

I want these all over my walls.

The Prince Of Target

Um, did Prince go crazy?

Dear Prince, are you that concerned with losing cd sales? You are P R I N C E. You don't need Target.

We Love Recycling

Where Gadgets Go To Die.

A Broken Promise

So I'm pretty sure that between the ages of 11 and 14 I promised myself that when I was paying the bills I would never ever pull weeds again. Today I broke that promise for about two hours.
Just don't tell my parents.

Cardboard, Glue, and Screws

Forensic Typography

The dorkiest designer's dream. Solving crimes with kerning.


I don't think I could ever stand a wallpapered room...

Obsessed with this.

In love with this.

...or could I???