The Prince Of Target

Um, did Prince go crazy?

Dear Prince, are you that concerned with losing cd sales? You are P R I N C E. You don't need Target.


Carolyn said...

True. But three albums for $11.98? I can get down with that. I guess once I got over Of Montreal doing that Outback Steakhouse song, I came to grips with the sucky reality of selling music in CD format.

-sk- said...

No, I think it is awesome for fans. I guess I just don't understand why he chose Target. He could have sold his music for that price a number of other ways.
Also, nothing against Of Montreal, but we are talking about two totally different ballgames here.
I feel a deep patio discussion brewing here.

prodromus said...

He doesn't need Target -- TARGET NEEDS HIM!!! (MWAH HAHAHerch cough . . . ahem)