Trader Joe's

I'm sorry but I'm just not on board the Trader Joe's Fanatical Fan Club Boat. I like what they do, I appreciate their presence in the community, I even like going there. But I am not obsessed with it and certainly wouldn't go out of my way to make sure I got to stop in. Is my obnoxious fear of following a trend holding me back from this alleged roller-coaster of grocerial adventure?

Its probably a little of that plus the fact that I am considerably turned off by their annoying font choice and corporate tropical theme. Can someone please send a memo to their private headquarters and tell them that if their product is good, it doesn't need a cheesy theme to sell or be remembered. I guess I just can't support a bad identity.

Somebody get these guys a new logo, burn those Hawaiian shirts, and take any reference to tiki huts far away. STAT.

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