What Am I Watching?

I know everyone wants to know what I've been watching on TV lately.
Here is a quick recap of my latest obsessions with the most amazing invention ever.

Though Flash Forward has got some key players and laid some interesting and significant plot points down, I can't help but wish they wouldn't bring actors from such an analogous show as Lost, which is still running, even if those characters are gone. I want the show to have its own identity, which it does, I just don't think this helps.
VERDICT #1: Curious but not in Love
VERDICT #2: Where is my Lost countdown clock?

Greek is Good.
This is the kind of show I want to be on when I get home from school (or work) instead of Everybody Loves Raymond reruns or Two and a Half Men (GAG). It is episodic and simple enough that you can miss a few episodes or just jump in the middle and still enjoy, but also carries enough of a story arc to be rewarding.
VERDICT: Don't stay up all night to finish the season, but DO put it on while you are piddling around.

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