What Else Am I Watching?

The end of Season One left me feeling a little dissatisfied. So many of the ingredients are there and the show is good, but it feels like a I'm eating a pizza before its been baked. There is a lot of potential here and I have to keep reminding myself that the mania of Buffy doesn't come from watching the first season alone, it is Whedon's ability to create and maintain such a complete landscape and developed story that I have to have faith he has a plan and will be able to execute it.
Season Two is keeping the momentum on the incline, I just can't wait for it pass the threshold..
VERDICT: Watch, but Be Patient

Um, this show is ridiculous. I only watched one episode and I can't really tell if I am amazed or disgusted with it. It is basically The Hills except with dudes selling real estate instead of girls getting catty.
VERDICT: Steer Clear if you have weak stomach.

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