I've been getting into playing my clarinet lately. I really want to get my chops up so I can play long enough for a rehersal.

Alisa and I are going to start working on some duets soon. If anyone else wants to get in on this just let me know.

---insert hilarious picture of me playing clarinet 10 years ago---

Clarinet Solo for you aural enjoyment.

In my search for a community band to play with I came across this little gem.

"The Oak Lawn Band
dedicates itself to serving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allies (LGBTA) community and its causes as well as other communities within Texas and the United States."
I find the idea of this interesting and curious in an appropriateness/necessity way, but in my extreme eschewal to any political discussion I don't care to discuss or think of it further.

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